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Manassas Topsoil Gives the Earth a Hand

Please contact us for rates. The minimum order for delivery is 15 cubic yards. We will deliver 10-14 yards for an extra delivery fee.

Screened Topsoil: Screened topsoil is native dirt that is run through a mesh screen to remove unwanted materials (large rocks, plant matter, etc.). We are selective on where we get our soil that we screen; most comes from undeveloped areas that are getting ready for building. It can be considered a recycled material by itself.
Once the soil is screened, it creates a consistent material that is ideal for plant growth. Tilled into your yard or garden, it allows grass and other plants to grow and thrive. Our screened local topsoil is a clay loam that is brown and has an adequate pH level and enough organic content to stand on its own.

Enriched Screened Topsoil: This is just what its name implies: screened topsoil that we make even better. Compost has many benefits, but the best things about it are that it is organic and it is recycled. It is a natural fertilizer that will improve pH levels, organic content, aeration, and drainage. Mixed with our topsoil, compost encourages vibrant growth.

Special Blends: Often now there are new buildings going up in our area that are looking to add "green" areas to their sites. Whether it is a green roof, tree pit or a bioretention pond, sometimes the area calls for a bit more to add to the soil to improve plant life. We will take our topsoil and mix it with compost, shale, sand, wood chips--whatever it takes--to make sure it meets the expectations of the job.

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